For that moment in India

For that moment in India. I TRAVEL TO CHANGE MY VIEW.
There is no better way to see things from a different perspective than by traveling. Especially when going to the south of India where everything seems so totally upside down, yet unknown and thrilling.

For two nights we decided to stay in a homestay in Wayanad where we had the chance to dine with the owners of the property and gain an insight of their daily life.

For that moment in India child

Eating rice with spicy sauces and vegetables arranged on a banana leaf with the hands is part of their daily routine but for us it has been a challenging experience. It gave us a total new sense for the food we ate.

If you’d ask me to describe the taste of India Video in three words I’d have to tell you that this is impossible. But let me try to describe it to you in a few sentences. Every morning we sipped on a big glass of banana lassi that had the most banana-like taste I have ever tasted and enjoyed a handful of super sweet and juicy sliced pineapple. Pineapple and banana. Okay mostly familiar to everybody. But I’m sure you haven’t heard of Boli, Paruthi Paal, Thennam Kuruthu, Keeraivadai or Parotta.


Me neither before going on a street food tour with our friend Pandian. We tasted the spiciest of all spicy food, fell in love with Parrotta (I would describe it as a fluffy buttery pancake), and experienced the super creamy and sweet taste of Jil Jil Jigarthanda (very popular drink in Madurai, consisting of reduced milk, nannari syrup and Ice cream). We even tasted Eeral (fried liver) and Moozhi (fried brain).